Umer Ashraf to Launch New Numeracy Booklet at Bellahouston Academy Secondary School

Umer Ashraf to Launch New Numeracy Booklet at Bellahouston Academy Secondary School

Bellahouston Academy invites Entrepreneur and Former Pupil Umer Ashraf to launch its new Numeracy Booklet for S1 pupils as part of the school’s Curriculum for Excellence programme.

The Head Teacher, Ian Anderson, will remind Bellahouston Academy pupils of the importance Numeracy plays in their school and working lives and how valuable it is to improve their Numeracy & Literacy skills.

Ian Anderson said, “This Numeracy booklet is an important statement about our commitment to Curriculum for Excellence and the belief that Numeracy skills, like literacy skills, apply in all subjects and at all times.”

A successful former pupil, Umer Ashraf, will address an assembly of S1 pupils before issuing a copy to be taken home to parents. Umer is the founder of iCafe, a chain of coffee houses and state-of-the-art internet cafes and is very keen to support the Numeracy Booklet launch.

He recognises that Numeracy skills are essential for our young people as they leave school to seek out further achievements and opportunities in the community.

Umer said: “I am delighted to be part of Bellahouston Academy’s on-going commitment and dedication to teach our youngsters with real life and practical skills that they can use on a daily basis. It is encouraging to see Numeracy introduced at this level and in such a degree as this can only translate into higher levels of attainment in the future.”

The new booklet will also be available to all pupils and parents on the schools website at

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