Poles have an ambition

Poles have an ambition

Poles don’t have sufficient information when it comes to their development with regard to training, education, what job market offers or how to finance their studies – according to findings from the market research carried out by a consultancy group Polarity UK on behalf of Cooltura.

1 in 3 Poles who came to the UK decided to further develop their skills and chose an education as their path. Among them there were many people who took up courses, which helped them to obtain qualifications, without which they would not be able to carry out their current jobs.

Research results indicate that Poles think about obtaining better jobs, continuing improvement of language skills and further personal development. Taking into account their age, it is not surprising that only marginal fraction of them does not have a desire to develop their talents. They seem to have a clear understanding, that only through continuous development, such as obtaining new qualifications and becoming proficient in English can they have a true chance to compete succesfully on the UK employment market.

Polish nationals are more eager to choose British institutions rather than Polish in order to obtain their degrees, as they believe that further education from the UK institutions increases their chances to get their dream job. Those who see lack of proficiency in English as a barrier will more likely apply to Polish institutions.

It is interesting to note that decisions are mainly based on hints and not facts, as they have a little awareness when it comes to institutions to which they can turn to in order to obtain advice on their career and further development, or how to finance their study. There is a significant proportion of them, almost 1 in 3 who despite eagerness to reach for further education will not do so due to lack of time and money.

How many Poles were educated in the UK?

Significant majority of Poles in the UK have obtained their degrees in their home country. Despite the fact that 70% of them achieved equivalent of A- Levels education (24% have Master Degrees) 1 in 3 people made a decision to go back to school after they arrived in the UK. Vast majority (86%) improved their qualifications related to their current degrees or job skills, 12 % obtained their Master Degrees here and 2% their PhDs.

What are Poles’ career plans in 2010?

Almost half of them hope to find a better job and improve their English. 1 in 10 expressed a desire to go to University (among them majority are people who arrived here with the A-levels equivalent from Poland) similar proportion would like to obtain completely new set of skills or new qualifications. 1 in 3 said that they are eager to start additional courses and here they have in mind both related and not related to their current profession.

Why do they want to go back to school?

Ambitious Poles as a main reason behind going back to school give a desire to get a better job (34%) and making their negotiation card more effective in obtaining their dream job (13%). 1 in 10 expresses desire to go back to school and learn skills which they can develop in order to set up their own business.

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