Only 7% of Asian Youths consult their teachers when making career choices

Only 7% of Asian Youths consult their teachers when making career choices

A survey commissioned by ConstructionSkills, the Sector Skills Council for construction, has identified that Asian youths put their parents top of the list for advice on career choices, a long way above teachers or friends.

Over a third (41 percent) of the Asian participants said, without prompting, that their family were the key people to ask when choosing future career paths.

Just 13% of Asian young people said they would ask their friends, and only 7% would ask a teacher or lecturer.

Although the credit crunch is having some impact on certain areas of construction, the industry will still grow over the next five years, resulting in the need for some 42,000 new skilled construction workers every year. Yet the research from ConstructionSkills also identifies that 78% of Asian respondents have never considered a career in construction despite the increasing number of career opportunities available.

The study was conducted as part of a national campaign to promote the construction industry as an attractive career for young people. ConstructionSkills kicked off the Positive Image campaign earlier this year with outdoor and in-school posters in areas with prominent Asian communities including Brent, Newham and Tower Hamlets. A page on the social networking site Bebo was also set up to enable young people already working in construction to talk directly to interested youngsters.

In addition ConstructionSkills has launched an outreach campaign in Newham, the second highest ethnically diverse borough in Britain, to raise awareness of the opportunities in the construction industry.

Outreach teams are visiting over 150 community organisations, charities and places of worship in the coming weeks, and speaking directly to the people who influence them. With school children back in the classroom after summer, and the new Construction and Built Environment Diploma putting the industry on the agenda, the team is also visiting secondary schools and colleges in Newham.

Paul Sykes, head of recruitment and careers at ConstructionSkills, said: “This study shows that parents still have a strong influence on young people.

“We have enlisted outreach teams to not only engage with the young people, but also their parents as they clearly play an integral part when it comes to career choices.

“Construction is an exciting career choice, offering excellent prospects and we are working to make sure that young people of all backgrounds have the opportunity to get involved.”

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