Kids learning made fun & simple with My Desi Guru

Kids learning made fun & simple with My Desi Guru

Introducing you to My Desi Guru, teaching your children to master Asian/English languages in a unique, interactive and stimulating way. My Desi Guru bilingual CDs and DVDs delight children with animated jungle characters, stunning visuals, new story adventures, interactive games and music. Master a second language early on. Kids will simply want to watch them again and again. Come and meet Kishy, Loki, Isla, Tiki and Oni for jungle adventures and let your desi journey begin!

My Desi Guru is available in Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, and Punjabi*, all combined with English. Chapters teach numbers, colours and common words associated with food and drink, fruit, playground, clothes, days of the week, expressions, body parts and more, to make it the Perfect Language Tool! Have fun counting and finding hidden balloons, play "I spy a colour…", sing toe-tapping nursery tunes and learn your Asian numbers and colours in no time with all your jungle friends who help to capture attention and introduce learning effectively. Children learn through onscreen visuals and hearing words associated with them. Together, they reinforce one another and can be linked to enhance the learning process.

Research revealed that more than 300 languages are spoken by children in London’s schools, and while English remains overwhelmingly the most common first language, over a third of children will not hear this language spoken at home. Punjabi, Gujarati and Hindi/Urdu are respectively the 3rd, 4th and 5th most spoken languages, with French and Spanish coming in at 15th and 16th*. Introducing children to Asian languages is a future investment and beneficial for a multicultural society. In addition to this, learning an additional language has proven educational benefits for children including improved school performance, increased creativity and better abilities to solve complex problems.

What makes My Desi Guru unique?
Learning made fun and simple
Cute and fun loving characters
Colourful vibrant animations
Nursery rhymes with an Asian twist encourage learning and singing
Friendly narration with new fun stories each time
Eye catching and stimulating imagery understood by kids
All vocabulary displayed on screen in English/Asian languages
Vocals of the English/Asian language aid pronunciation
Repetition activities, tests and review sessions reinforce learning

My Desi Guru was created by Punam Malhotra, a mother of 2 young children who could not find any suitable products to help them learn Hindi. From this originated the idea to develop a fun way of engaging young children to learn their own Asian languages when they are still young. This would also fulfill the current market gap for quality and modern DVDs teaching Asian/English languages. The products had to be appropriate for children growing up in the western world whose families had the inclination and enthusiasm to learn new languages; hence content and artwork needed to be visually striking, well presented and modern. In partnership with Pinal Patel, a talented designer/art director with over 13 years experience working across blue-chip brands, as the creative arm behind this project, My Desi Guru was born.

Loved by children and their parents alike, the DVDs costing £12.99 each, have generated much positive feedback and exceeded expectations around the globe! So join us with Kishy, Loki, Isla, Tiki and Oni on our desi jungle adventures!

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