Hindi for Kids now selling My Desi Guru language DVDs

Hindi for Kids now selling My Desi Guru language DVDs

Hindi for Kids where kids can learn a Asian language (Hindi, Gujarati & Urdu) in a unique, interactive and stimulating way. Our DVD’s are educational and entertaining, supporting parent’s efforts to teach a Asian language to young kids around the world in a fun and interactive way.

Kids will delight with animated jungle characters, eye-catching visuals, new story adventures, interactive games and music with a desi twist! Truly a great and unique gift with long lasting benefits. Kids will simply want to watch them again and again! Let your language journey begin!

Hindi for Kids was an idea created by Punam Malhotra. She is a mum of 2 young children and could not find any suitable products to help them learn Hindi. So, from this originated the idea of developing a fun way of creating a child’s interest in learning their own desi languages at an early age. The product had to be appropriate for a kid growing up in the UK with the goal of getting acquainted with the desi language; hence content and artwork needed to be visually striking, well presented and modern.

In partnership with Pinal Patel – the creative arm behind this project, they created Hindi for Kids – a unique educational and interactive desi language DVD series providing a range of languages for young children.

A few years of research, development, testing and hard work has been put into creating this product – and the results speak for themselves. The original animated jungle characters are a huge hit with children. Parents are finding this integrated and interactive learning tool highly effective to teach children Asian languages. When watching my desi guru DVD’s with your children, parents can participate and reinforce whilst children are learning a Asian language – so no one is left out!

Hindi for Kids teaching methodology is based on proven Associative Learning techniques. Children learn through on screen visuals and hearing the words associated with them. Together, they reinforce one another and can be linked to enhance the learning process. This is an established method and alongside its informal approach and a relaxed environment has shown great results for children learning and gaining confidence; thus leading to a great sense of achievement.

Introducing children to Asian languages is an investment in their future and is also a step for keeping them in touch with their culture. It is a valuable tool to help to help your child connect with grandparents and other relatives. Learning an additional language has enormous educational benefits for children including improved school performance, increased creativity and better at solving complex problems.

Loved by children and their parents alike, the DVD’s have generated much positive feedback and fulfilled kids and parents expectations. And not just in the UK. Interest has been expressed from around the globe!

So join Kishy, Loki, Isla, Tiki and Oni for jungle adventures. Come join our language journeys!

DVD’s available in Hindi, Gujarati & Urdu.

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