Edinburgh’s Bangladeshi girl won DUX Awards


A young Bangladesh girl won the prestigious DUX Award at Edinburgh’s Tyncastle High School. In this awards history it is first for a Bangladeshi since the School opened in 1912.
Edinburgh born Taslima Haque was this year’s most outstanding pupil of Tynecastle High School, Edinburgh.

The award recognises the pupil who did all their homework, extra curricular work, studies and projects to the fullest of their capabilities.
The special awards giving ceremony which took place on 30th June 2009 at the beginning of the summer holidays to celebrates the remarkable work the pupils put in during the academic year.
Pupils’ progresses in different subjects are noted throughout the years as well as school’s overall academic time scale, and the ones with the best outcomes are recognised at this popular ceremony by DUX awards.
15 year old Taslima, in 6th year, knew that she would have to study harder this year than in any other year as this was her last chance in getting the award. This is her final high school year.
In her fifth year of high school, Taslima studied English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Modern Studies and gained all A’s in these subjects. In her sixth year, she studied Advanced Higher Chemistry and Advanced Higher Biology and achieved outstanding grade.
This bright star will now continue her studies at the world renowned Edinburgh University, ranked the top 10 universities in Britain, for a career in medicine.
Proud of the local Bangladeshi community; Taslima explains with a broad smile, it was not easy getting to the top. “I worked really hard to get this award. There was a lot of competition and I knew I had to work harder than everybody else to be in with a chance. I’m so happy.” She says.
Her parents and siblings supported their youngest member of their family unconditionally, and all efforts from everyone’s part have paid off.
Taslima has grown up in a large family with 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Mother Aleya begum, a typical housewife, felt that it was proudest moment seeing her daughter’s achievement while she enjoying Taslima’s awards ceremony.

Her father Mr Haque is a renowned chef in city’s Lancers restaurant, lived in Edinburgh since 1977. He comes from a reputed family of Borhanpur in Nobigong thana, Habigong district. ”Parents have a major duty to motivate their kids towards higher level achiever. Despite my busy restaurant work I used to meet with taslima’s teachers very often to review her progress”.
Mr Haque also says “When I came to this country, I did not have a chance to get into higher education as I was thrust into the world of takeaways and restaurants. So to see one of my own children get such a special award fills me with pride.”
There were a few other Bengali pupils too who received recognition for their academic endeavours. Taslima’s younger sister Farhana Haque got a merit of distinction, and will follow Taslima towards gaining a degree qualification in university at Edinburghs Heriot Watt.
Kohinoor Islam, 15, received a merit in her favourite subject Modern Studies. “I really like my award. I want another one next year. I am happy for Taslima, she is a nice girl and deserves her award.”
Bangladeshi community leader of Edinburgh Dr Wali Uddin MBE, was amongst the many guests at this ceremony. “There are not many Bengali people in Edinburgh, so when someone achieves something like this, it is a time for celebration. I am here to congratulate and support this young girl, who is an inspiration to many young people.”

The ceremony had speeches from alumni and teachers, singing, music and the handing out of the different awards for pupils of all years. Taslima received her special award at the closing of the ceremony with a standing ovation from the jubilant crowd, and a photo call on stage.
Taslima may be the first ever Bengali to receive the highest accolade from Tynecastle High school, but from the look of this year’s event, she is undoubtedly not going to be the last.
The top prize is the famous DUX Award, and is highly sought after. Dux is Latin for ‘leader’. It is an honour to whomever receives this award as it separates the best from the rest. Taslima’s name has now been engraved on the DUX awards winners board list that will remain on show for many years to come in the schools assembly hall.
Taslima Haque is a great role model for young Scottish Bengalis. Many youngsters these days may be reluctant towards their studies or find it difficult, but with determination and the right motivating attitudes, more success stories can be had if minds are clearly focused towards the final goal.

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