Dancing in the street as diversity brings colour to Sheffield

Culture, religions and food of the world will be celebrated this week when Sheffield Hallam University pays homage to the diversity of its rich number of international students.

More than 3,000 students will share their experiences of living in South Yorkshire and being at Sheffield Hallam University, whilst getting a taste of their homeland during International Week between 27 October and 3 November.

The second annual International Week will give everyone an opportunity to experience something different from their own culture, as diverse as sampling new foods to understanding more about different religions. This colourful festival will include traditional African tales brought to life through dance and music by Siyaya Arts, the excitement of the Diwalli ‘festival of lights’ interpreted in traditional Hindu dance, and an insight into the real meaning of Bonfire night and the history of Guy Fawkes.

Sheffield Hallam’s International Week will rejoice cultural differences and aim to improve understanding of other traditions, values and beliefs. Workshops, activities and discussions, including a number of talks on faith and religious events, hope to aid in developing mutual awareness and respect between people from different backgrounds and upbringings. Most events are free and everyone is welcome to attend (see notes for editors).

International Week organiser, Rick Brand, said: “Inter-faith understanding is increasingly important, particularly with young people who are the future opinion formers in our society. Through education and focused events such as International Week, we can help to promote a better understanding of different cultures and support the development of tolerance and peace. Sheffield Hallam is extremely proud of our international relationships and how they are expressed in our increasing number of students and academics from across the world.”

Other activities include a discussion of the importance of the Ramadan fast for Muslims, why the Buddhist religion continues to grow in popularity, and an insight into the Sikh religion and how it sits within contemporary British society. Business minded people may also be interested in a discussion on trading and being successful in the world’s foremost growth economies China and India.

The support provided to international students to ensure that their time here is welcoming, is of great importance to Sheffield Hallam. Recognising that a fertile base of culture and diversity is vital to maintain a fresh and vibrant university and city which embraces new ideas, it was one of the earliest adopters of a global benchmark for the international student experience. This has seen the University become a leader in global recruitment.

During the week (Thursday 2 November) more than seventy high achieving universities will meet at Sheffield Hallam to discuss the international student experience, of which the university has consistently scored highly in the International Student Barometer. This takes into account faith provisions, financial support, access to part time working and aiding in their social experience.

Organisations from across Sheffield are also getting involved in the cultural festival, including an international cook-off. David Baldwin, founder of Sheffield’s finest banqueting restaurant, Baldwin’s Omega, known for its impeccable fresh food and wine, will be judging an international recipe competition. Entrants who create the most innovative traditional recipe will have their menu cooked by professional chefs and served for judging. The tastiest dish will be sold in outlets across the university.

If you would like to attend any of the events during International Week, either as a school, organisation or individual, please contact 0114 225 3713 to register your interest.

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