BTWSC Recruiting For Its Accredited Event Planning Course

BTWSC Recruiting For Its Accredited Event Planning Course

Following its successful application for a ESF/LDA Community Grant, BTWSC is now recruiting unemployed and low earners for the next cycle of its free* accredited Events Planning course starting late May 2009

he course takes place two days a week, plus some extra sessions, over a 6-8 week period. It’s free* but subject to refundable deposit of £25. There may be a few places for those outside of the target participant criteria, who must pay a fee of £50, of which £25 is refunded upon submission of assignment.

Course details of previous ASET Level 2 Event Planning Course follows

The course is targeted particularly at Participants from African/black or ethnic minority backgrounds aged 16-65 years, either unemployed, on low income, or working as volunteers, and lone parents** especially from the London boroughs of Brent and Haringey, with good English speaking and writing skills. Participants must write weekly reflective diaries, and submit a written assignment in order to qualify for certificate. Team work is necessary, and any prior knowledge of, or involvement in, organising any form of event is useful.

Course Focus:
Participants will learn how to plan a successful event in any field, such as a club night, music, film or book launch, fashion show, wedding, networking evening, a debate, an organisational meeting such as an AGM, etc considering all the factors that go into planning a successful event, like research, event co-ordination, health and safety, risk assessment, marketing, writing a press release, and post event evaluation. Participants will have some practical experience of designing, planning, and putting on an event such as a gig or a debate through in class simulation, and the option of working on a real live event.

Learning Outcomes:
a. Understanding the event planning process – Identifying the range of factors that need to be considered when planning an event – budget, venue, target audience, human resources, health and safety, risk assessment
b. Producing an event plan – Selecting event and devising an action plan with tasks and time scales, the tasks that are vital for its success, risk assessment, a contingency plan, promotional material for the event.
c. Putting on an event – Practical experience of organising a successful event
d. Understanding how to evaluate the success of an event – Identifying methods that can be used to evaluate the success of an event.

Successful completion of the course will provide participants with pathways into the events industry and enable them to consider a range of employment roles, including self-employment, in event management within the Music and Entertainment Industries, or the diverse range of vocational fields.

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