A new online network for black British academics

A new online network for black British academics

A new online network has been created for African Caribbean academics in Britain to provide a central space for interaction and collaboration and a directory of academics across the country.

African Caribbean academics account for just *1.32% of all academics in the UK and just 0.4% of university professors are from an African Caribbean background. Research shows that ethnic minority academics in general are predominantly employed on fixed term contracts and on average earn less than their white counterparts, despite being better qualified.

The founder of Black British Academics, Deborah Gabriel, a journalism and media specialist from the University of Salford, who developed the network, says:

“My primary aim is to create a central, accessible space to counter the marginalisation that can sometimes occur as a result of a tiny population being spread thinly within universities across the country.”

She added: “It is intended to be a positive space to promote interaction, collaboration and support.”

The site also includes a useful directory searchable by discipline to promote public visibility and make it easier for both journalists and recruiters to find experts in any field from African Caribbean communities.

Gabriel says: “African Caribbean academics make a valuable contribution to the higher education sector and to Britain’s knowledge economy.

“I hope that this website serves to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of African Caribbean academics to British society and the wider global academic community, and that it inspires people from all backgrounds.”

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