All 4 Comms supports Libratus Polish Internet Schools

Libratus Polish Internet Schools is an innovative educational project, helping children of Poles living abroad to keep in touch with Polish language and culture. The project coordinator is the Polish Community Education Foundation (Fundacja Edukacji Polonijnej). All 4 Comms agency ( will run media relations activities in Polish community media in the UK, Ireland, and other countries.

The agency will be responsible for media relations activities. In the past, both companies had already cooperated with each other in a similar way. All 4 Comms operates mainly in the UK and has vast experience in communications activities directed at Polish consumers living abroad and in Poland. The client sent an inquiry to a few agencies, but All 4 Comms’s offer appeared the best answer to the brief.

The educational programme of Libratus schools is targeted at Poles living abroad who want to provide their children with regular contact with Polish education. Participation in the project allows students to have the possibility of being taught the Polish core curriculum. Learning takes the form of home learning – a parent plays the role of a teacher, based on lesson scenarios and compendia placed on an online platform. A wide range of multimedia educational materials and weekly online lessons, i.e., webinars, conducted by qualified teaching staff, provides additional support.