The Methods of Peace: A workshop in London about the methods of the School for Peace in Wahat al Salam — Neve Shalom (Israel)

The Methods of Peace: A workshop in London about the methods of the School for Peace in Wahat al Salam -- Neve Shalom (Israel)

A workshop about the methods of the School for Peace that has been bringing together Palestinians and Jews for many years now. Explore questions of power, language, ethnicity, religion and the methods to transform conflict. This is a practical workshop that aims to enrich participants own skills to work with communities in conflict.

Neve Shalom ~ Wahat al-Salam (The Oasis of Peace). This internationally famous community, where Arab and Jewish families have chosen to live together, works for peace in two crucial ways:

* it is witness to the possibility of peaceful co-operation between the two sides in the conflict, and
* for over thirty years it has run encounter workshops, where members of the Arab and Jewish communities in the region are facing each other, almost always for the first time, to confront the reality of their situation and look for ways forward.

In this unique London one day workshop we focus on the methods of the School for Peace in the village, to pass on some of the core ideas and skills. This is a unique way of thinking through conflict beyond arbitration, and consider issues of power, language, religion, ethnicity and general approach to a conflict like the one between Israelis and Palestinians or the ones you may face in your own work.

We believe the workshop to be particularly suitable for anyone who works in the community or with different groups of people.

Teachers are asked to attend the 3rd of February event, which is more geared towards their needs.

Our team of exceptionally dedicated facilitators is led by:
Susan Denton-Brown who is a former Head of Religious Education from West Sussex (1988-2006). She always had an interest in non-violence and conflict transformation and began to pilot British Friends of WaSNS teacher’s pack “Dealing with Conflict” eight years ago in her classroom, contributing to its publication in 1999. She became one of the first British School for Peace trained facilitators. She is also inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent approaches to conflict, and is developing training materials for the Gandhi Foundation UK, as well as working on her own educational resource.

Daniel Zylbersztajn is the Project Co-ordinator. He is a part-time doctoral researcher at University College London, reading violence in the context of Jewish and Black modern movements. Two of his many vocational qualifications are as a trained transformative community mediator and as a physical exercise therapist. He has a long-standing personal and academic commitment to non-violence.

Our aim in the workshops is to provide a good understanding of the processes involved in conflict transformation, as practised by the world renowned mediation centre, The School for Peace (SFP) at Wahat al-Salam ~ Neve Shalom.

Costs: 70 Pounds full rate, 50 Pounds concessions. Includes the book Palestinian and Israeli Identities in Dialogue. Optional: Dealing with Conflict, teaching Resource £20.

Region: All
Start Date: 13/11/2008
End Date: 13/11/2008
Start Time: 09:30
Venue: The Methods of Peace. A Workshop
Venue Address: Sion Centre for Dialogue
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Name: Daniel Zylbersztajn
Phone: 07843630760