Now there’s a way to keep yourself fit and the world fit too – ‘Swetzel – Eco-sportswear and beyond’

Now there

In this over cluttered and brand oriented market place of sports clothing with little regard for the environment, comes a refreshing change in the form of a new range of eco friendly sportswear for women called Swetzel. Using materials like bamboo, recycled polyester, organic cotton and fleece, while ensuring good working conditions for the craftsmen and taking the environment into consideration at each stage of the manufacturing process, this new concept in sportswear is set to change the market place and hopefully the way consumers see sports clothing.

Swetzel is the brainchild of Sweta Dattani (a budding designer and currently a student at Central Saint Martins School) that adds an aesthetic green hue to the clichéd image of “perspiration-soaking, body-hugging” sportswear and explores the multi-utilitarian nature of this kind of clothing. Swetzel is her honest attempt to develop eco-friendly women’s sportswear that can also be used as chic, comfortable, everyday wear.

Being an International roller skater and representing her country on numerous occasions, Sweta decided to take her passion for sports and her experience in the sporting arena one step further. Her brand ‘Swetzel’ pushes the barriers and makes clothes that are extremely functional for sports and fashionable enough to be worn beyond the sportswear area.

Says Sweta, “Gyms are becoming an important part of our busy lives so why not be well dressed and comfortable at the gym and even ready to socialise there after. My Swetzel range has been designed for this dual purpose using eco friendly materials with contemporary prints and embroidery while enhancing all the important elements of traditional sportswear.”

She adds “Fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton are good on the skin, breathable, anti-odour and bacteria free thus making them ideal for sportswear. Also people are becoming more conscious not only about their bodies but also about the environment so Swetzel is the brand that appeals at both levels. Swetzel is Eco-sportswear…and beyond”.

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