Natural Treasure Photo Contest-capture the magnificent treasures of nature

Natural Treasure Photo Contest-capture the magnificent treasures of nature

Nature has its own method of doing things.Through evolution, nature has done a miraculous job of organizing things. When we plunge ourselves into nature, we will be able to experience the bigger treasures of nature. Our relation with nature must always be remembered and cherished. If we relate and connect with nature, we will be able to know things like extinction of species, loss of wetlands, loss of habitat, etc.

Nature is a vast creation of God. It needs to be conserved and taken great care by human beings. It is stunning and offers the most pure form of scenic beauty. The diverse treasures of nature are mountains, beautiful beaches, landscapes, plants, animals. Trees, etc. Capturing these wonderful natural treasures is the most interesting thing one can do., the world’s leading talent hunt portal is giving an awesome platform in the form of an online contest to explore the treasures of nature.

Our cities are becoming more urbanized and larger because of which our connection with nature has become weaker. It is our duty to conserve our environment and save our natural treasures. Our connection with nature will help us to know the extinction of species, loss of habitat, etc. It will encourage every individual to explore the diverse treasures and gain knowledge from them. There are many initiatives being taken to protect our natural treasures. Many online nature photography contests are held to encourage people in capturing beautiful natural treasures. has arrived with an amazing natural treasure photo contest for all nature lovers who like to capture the wonderful treasures of nature. Your unique talent of clicking images of natural treasures is showcased to the world through this online portal. So what are you waiting for? Grab the golden opportunity and participate in the photo contest and get recognized by the world. Upload your photos in the website and get a chance to be a winner of an electronic gadget, PlayStation.

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Region: All
Start Date: 03/09/2012
End Date: 25/09/2012
Start Time: 9:00 to 18p.m
Venue: online photo contest
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Name: jasmin aaliya
Phone: 918147350650