BTWSC Urges Families To Learn To Talk To Their Youths

BTWSC Urges Families To Learn To Talk To Their Youths

As part of its London week Of Peace initiative, BTWSC urges families to talk to their youths, by offering forum from which to hear experiences and strategies that can improve the communication lines.

BTWSC is calling upon young people, parents and adults to its inter-generational discussion and edu-tainment event, FAMILIES TALK TO FAMILY discussions, on Saturday September 20, 3-7pm.

It’s a forum to share ideas, experiences, advice or strategies regarding effective communications with young people regarding issues such as bullying, anti-social behaviour, gangs, and gun and knife crime.

Attractions: prizes, free refreshments, giveaways, musical performances.

Venue: Mission Dine Club Centre, Fry Road, Harlesden NW10 4BZ. Venue no: 020 8965 5797.
(off Drayton Road, by Longstone Avenue near Roundwood Park)

Contact: 020 8450 5987

Region: All
Start Date: 20/09/2008
End Date: 20/09/2008
Start Time: 15:00
Venue: Mission Dine Club Centre
Venue Address: Fry Road (off Drayton Road by Longstone Avenue), Harlesden, London
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Name: Ms Serwah
Phone: 020 8450 5987