Yorkhill Children’s Foundation – the Scottish Asian Business Awards charity appeal.

Yorkhill Children

Past winners of the Scottish Asian Business Awards visited the Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Yorkhill on October 23rd to see first-hand the extraordinary work undertaken by the hospital and to shoot the charity video to be screened at this year’s Awards on the 27th of November.

Yorkhill Children’s Foundation is the official charity partner of the Eastern Eye Scotland Scottish Asian Business Awards – the 2006 and 2007 award ceremonies saw a combined total just shy of £10,000 raised. For the 2008 Awards the fundraising target of £10,000 has been set. In order to raise the profile of the appeal and convey Yorkhill Children’s Foundation’s need for support, past winners were invited to be involved in the charity video alongside host Atta Yaqub.

Grafx Digital – a local Media Company specialising in HD videography, digital photography and video editing – lent their time, equipment and expertise free of charge to shoot footage for this years Scottish Asian Business Awards charity video.

“Grafx digital has been involved with the Scottish Asian Business Awards since the inaugural ceremony back in 2006. When we were approached to shoot the charity video to be aired at this year’s Awards we could not say no – Yorkhill Children’s Foundation provides vital services to the most vulnerable. Just to stand on the edge, watch and film, just the tip of the iceberg of their work, was very moving and inspiring. Fingers crossed the final short film will convey the ever pressing need for the donation of funds to keep Yorkhill Children’s Foundation doing what their doing and the Scottish Asian Business Awards will hit this year’s target of raising £10,000.” Naveed Akram, Business Development Manager with Grafx Digital

“Yorkhill Children’s Foundation is delighted to have the continued support of the Scottish Asian Business Awards. The money raised from past awards ceremonies has already achieved so much and this year, the £10,000 they hope to raise will make a very real difference to the lives of the children in Yorkhill Hospital.” Joan MacLeod from Yorkhill Children’s Foundation

Nomination forms for the third annual Eastern Eye Scottish Asian Business Awards are available online at theasianbusinessawards.com and oceanicconsulting.co.uk, or in print in Eastern Eye Scotland every Friday. Nominations close on October 31st, 2008.

Event: Eastern Eye Scotland Scottish Asian Business Awards.

Venue: Crowne Plaza. Date: 27 November 2008.

Time: 18:30 till late.

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Start Date: 27/11/2008
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Venue: Crowne Plaza
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Celebs Attending: First Minister Rt Hon Alex Sal
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