The Green Clean Revolution – Dry Cleaning Industry innovators set to make Scotland a little greener.

The Green Clean Revolution - Dry Cleaning Industry innovators set to make Scotland a little greener.

Green Clean Dry Cleaners are the UK’s first, and only, environmentally friendly dry cleaners.

As industry innovators and pioneers in eco-friendlier dry cleaning methods in Scotland, Green Clean provide gentler cleaning for delicate modern fabrics whilst ensuring that the clothes are cleaned in the most environmentally friendly and least toxic way possible, without increasing the monetary cost to the consumer.

Green Clean’s co-founding Director Mr. Tooq Ahmed: “For the past half a decade I have been a budding entrepreneur in the guise of a regular Joe employee working for various high profile professional firms in managerial positions. I was bursting to get out there under my own steam and have a crack at my own business venture. That pipeline dream came to fruition in late 2008 with the launch of Green Clean Dry Cleaners.

“Undoubtedly, the dry cleaning industry is a lucrative market to enter into – for the last 20 years or so the industry has experience sustained steady growth. Moreover, entering the established world of dry cleaners with a technological innovation allows Green Clean to gouge out a substantial niche market.

“Of late more and more emphasis has been placed on the significance of the impact of human activity on the environment as the true magnitude of the consequences become apparent. Addressing Carbon Footprints, Green Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility have become vital tools in creating and maintaining reputations as the British public become more informed and interest increases in the environmental and social costs.

“Organisations are thus compelled to earnestly consider the interests of society as a whole, alongside the economic realities of their industry, in order to maintain and advance their position within the market.

“Green Clean offers consumers and commercial entities alike the opportunity to be greener without increasing the monetary cost in the process.”

Green Clean’s Green Credentials and their work with Glasgow Tree Lover’s Society:

Green Clean’s co-founding Director Mr. Tooq Ahmed: “Green Clean is currently operating at the ‘greenest’ level that is economically viable – back in early 2008 when the company was just a concept I was looking to come out the starting blocks green top to bottom, entering the market place with zero carbon footprint and fully fledged green credentials, however, as the monetary realties collided with the fundamental logistical needs of the business it became apparent that green ideology needed to be tempered with economic reality.

“We are working with the Glasgow Tree Lover’s Society, who have been making Glasgow greener since 1932, to identify locations within Glasgow that need trees. Before the end of the tree planting season in April we will have rooted over a dozen trees in the ground to get us started with this new initiative. We will then begin strategising for a much larger scale of tree planting when the season reopens in October time.”

“For a company that differentiates itself within its industry through offering an environmentally friendly dry cleaning process, a green alterative to antiquated cleaning methods, it is imperative that we continue to strive to be as green as can be outwith the dry cleaning process itself; thus, Green Clean’s Green Policy clearly defines those areas within which improvements will be made within a realistic timeframe. We have numerous green initiatives that we are looking to develop, including recycling of wire coat hangers, researching local community clean up projects, in view of helping make Glasgow not only a little greener but a little cleaner as well. It is envisaged that both will be well underway by the end of 2009.”

Green Clean Growth:

Green Clean’s co-founding Director Mr. Tooq Ahmed: “Since opening the Green Clean Dry Cleaning doors at the beginning of December 2008 we have established our flagship branch at 36A Kingston Street, Glasgow, offering free collection and delivery Glasgow-wide – with three more branches looking to be fully operational by the beginning of the summer. Furthermore, we have secured over half a dozen accounts with highly reputable entities in the hospitality industry and the corporate sector in a relatively short period of time, from pitch to agreement around six weeks, thanks to our transparent Green Credentials grabbing their attention.”

“The Green Clean Revolution looks to make Glasgow, initially before expanding nationwide, a little greener by offering a much needed environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dry cleaning methods. Green Clean replaces a dated technology and its associated risks – not only to the environment, but to the public’s health as well, as the traditional cleaning solution ‘perc’ has been recognised as a probable human carcinogen.”

Green Clean Glasgow Clients include:

MEPC – Hillington Park Glasgow, Jurys Inns, Carlton George Hotel, Artto Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Picsel Technologies, Menzies.

The Green Clean Revolution is set to take Scotland by storm … or more accurately a storm of the most advanced cleaning agents and state of the art machinery available in the dry cleaning industry today; cleaning agents that emit less pollution, that are safer for Green Clean staff, that are safer for the consumer – technology innovation resulting in dry cleaning with a difference that can be seen, touched and smelt.

In the current economic climate Green Clean is seeing Green and flourishing.

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