Scottish Business in the Community Asian Mentoring Network

Scottish Business in the Community Asian Mentoring Network

The Scottish Business in the Community (SBC) Asian Mentoring Network is an innovative programme designed to encourage Asian business people to become mentors across all racial and faith boundaries.

Scottish Business in the Community has 26 years experience working with businesses and building links with schools and community groups. By harnessing the success stories of some of Glasgow’s most successful Asian professionals SBC believes the programme will help to raise aspirations and increase access to education and employment amongst young people. The programme is also intended to further improve the racial integration in Glasgow while at the same time offering young people of all backgrounds the opportunity to learn from some of our most successful business leaders.

The SBC Asian Mentoring Network will encourage Asian professionals to share their experiences through motivational speeches to pupils and teachers at role-model presentations, mentoring, volunteering and work placements. Supporting the SBC Asian Mentoring Network is one way in which Asian professionals can contribute to building the next generation of successful leaders and communities can further develop their mutual understanding and respect.

The programme is being launched at an event at the Glasgow Science Centre on Tuesday 19th August 2008. Senior business leaders from across communities will be in attendance. Samantha Barber, Chief Executive of SBC, said “Asian professionals will bring a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges young people face in making the transition from school to work. By harnessing their experiences and presenting success stories to youngsters SBC knows, from experience, that we can raise aspirations amongst young people. The businesses also benefit from their engagement with youngsters with increased understanding of the communities in which they work”

Event: SBC Asian Mentoring Network
Date: Tuesday 19th August 2008
Venue: Glasgow Science Centre

Region: All
Start Date: 19/08/2008
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Start Time: 18:00 to 20:00
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Name: Obaira Ghafur
Phone: 0141 243 2848