Pioneering Business Woman Aims to Improve Shocking Wills Statistic in the Black Community

Pioneering Business Woman Aims to Improve Shocking Wills Statistic in the Black Community

South London, 30th January 2008 – A recent report from the National Consumer Council states that only 12% of people from black and ethnic minority groups have made a will. Many people claim that this is because they simply haven’t thought about what would happen to their assets after they pass away and also culturally, death is a topic that many black people don’t like to discuss or plan for. Not making a will can lead to further heartache and financial uncertainty for those left behind, so taking care of this is something that everyone should consider.

Business owner, Dionne Wilkes is tackling this situation. Assurance Wills is a new will writing company based in Brixton which Dionne runs from home alongside her husband. Dionne is challenging the stereotype of will writers as she is a young, black woman working in this typically white industry. She is able to greater understand the reasons why black people may be reluctant to make a will and help to overcome any barriers they may have associated with planning for death.

Assurance Wills offer expert advice in all areas of preparing and writing a will and as Dionne is a member of the Society of Will writers her wills are therefore insured through the organisation. She hopes that her free home and phone consultations will encourage people in her area to think about making a will before it’s too late. Assurance Wills are currently offering an introductory 10% off their normal fees throughout February which Dionne hopes will help to encourage members of the community to take responsibility for their future.

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