Oxfam to be official charity partner for the 4th annual Scottish Asian Wedding Show 2011

Oxfam to be official charity partner for the 4th annual Scottish Asian Wedding Show 2011

Exhibition to showcase Oxfam’s unique wedding gift list with a twist

Oxfam is set to be the official charity partner for the Scottish Asian Wedding Show 2011 and on the day of the popular event, guests can expect ideas and advice from the leading charity on alternative and ethical wedding planning.

The show which exclusively exhibits Asian wedding essentials for brides and grooms to be from food, to accessories and fashion will be taking place on the 17th April 2011 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow from noon until 7pm.

The show will include a glam Oxfam fashion show parading occasion wear, a vendor’s stall, a charity raffle with prizes from the wedding exhibitor’s aswell as volunteers with donation buckets in order to raise funds. The charity will be joining in in a whole new way by offering bustling brides to-be a unique and ethical approach to their big day.

Think gift list for instance – that one off occasion when you can actually comprise a list of things you want that people will buy for you and it’s totally acceptable, even traditional! It’s often one of the last things you consider on your lengthy wedding to-do list and then what do you even ask your guests for? What do you really want or need? Homeware? Crockery? Vouchers? Goats? Yes, you read correctly – those creatures with beards that eat everything in sight and we’re not talking about any potential grooms-to-be!

Throwing in a random farm animal to your wedding wish list isn’t some kooky or mod trend which you haven’t heard about yet but rather serves an important, ethical purpose in making a huge difference to someone’s life in an impoverished, third world country.

Oxfam Unwrapped present an exciting new approach to the typical gift inventory with a range of charitable gifts designed to make a lasting difference to people around the world. Soon to wed couples can simply go online, select their gift choices and send their requests out to guests via beautiful Oxfam Unwrapped gift list cards or the nifty email widget.

You can choose from an array of ethical options from Solar panels to Safe drinking water or Health check-ups to Teachers, benefiting single individuals or indeed entire communities in some of the worlds most underdeveloped and poverty stricken locations. The Oxfam Unwrapped wedding gift list is a list with a difference that importantly makes a difference. Long after your big day is over, the gifts will continue to make a long lasting impact to those in need.

If you want something a bit different, Oxfam Unwrapped also have stunning wedding favours sets. Couples can purchase beautifully designed and recycled gift cards representing Animal vaccinations to Safe Water to improve the lives of those living in poverty. Oxfam Unwrapped wedding favours really do break the ice and get those guests talking at the table!

Visitors to the wedding show can learn more about Oxfam’s alternative wedding planning with representatives on hand to answer any questions you may have aswell as to hand out gift catalogues with info.

If you’re coming round to the idea and would like to find out more on Oxfam’s unique wedding ideas, please visit the official website at www.oxfam.org.uk/weddings.


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Start Time: 12:00 to 19:00
Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel
Venue Address: 301 Argyle Street, Glasgow
Website: http://www.asianweddingshows.info
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Name: Angie Bennett
Phone: 0141 420 1333