Oasis Crescent launches its UK business for Muslim and ethical investors

Oasis Crescent launches its UK business for Muslim and ethical investors

One of the world’s leading providers of Islamic and ethical investments has today launched its UK business to cater for the growing needs of the country’s estimated three million Muslims.

Oasis Crescent UK will provide unique Shariah-compliant investment products and services for the first time in the UK marketplace for Muslims looking to invest their funds according to Islamic principles. It is fully registered and authorised licensed by the FSA to trade in the UK.

The firm, which will be based in Knightsbridge, London, is one of the world’s leading providers of Islamic and conventional funds and currently manages assets worth £2.54 billion.

Adam Ebrahim, Founder and CEO of Oasis Crescent, said the launch of the UK business was an exciting opportunity to offer its products to Muslim investors.

He said: “We are delighted to finally launch our UK business and make our funds and products available to the UK’s Muslim investors. This represents an exciting time for us and the UK Muslims.

“We genuinely feel the current needs are being undersupplied and Oasis Crescent sees great potential in offering tailored products and services for this market. The investment in a new London office recognises the importance of the UK market.

“We are one of the leading providers of Islamic investment products globally and our products and services will offer great value to the UK market. We are excited to bring our experience, expertise and knowledge to help make the best investments for our investors to grow their capital.

“The current size of the Islamic investment market in the UK is under £1 billion and has the potential to be between £120 and £160 billion. There is massive demand and Oasis Crescent sees the opportunity to meet this demand through providing its products directly to the UK Muslims.”

Oasis Crescent was founded in South Africa and celebrated its 15th birthday this year. Its fund products will be managed by CEO Adam Ebrahim who has extensive experience of the industry. Its Oasis Crescent Global Equity Fund has returned 121.9% since inception. It has over 60,000 clients and 120,000 direct and indirect clients.

Oasis Crescents fund products will be available to UK investors directly over the telephone by contacting their accredited financial advisers.

All of Oasis Crescent’s products and services will be approved by the company’s Shariah Supervisory Committee.

This comprises three eminent Muslim scholars from across the world including Shaykh Nizam Yaqoobi, Professor Daud Bakar and Shaykh Yusuf DeLorenzo.

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