NSPCC develops and strengthens links with new communities

NSPCC develops and strengthens links with new communities

The NSPCC has recruited Yasmin Kovic as safeguarding advisor on deaf children and young people and Chau Nguyen as Chinese and Vietnamese link officer, to develop and strengthen its presence within these communities.

Yasmin Kovic, who is deaf herself, will work closely with the NSPCC’s helplines – ChildLine and the NSPCC’s 24-hour Child Protection Helpline – looking at the use of new technology to make it easier for deaf children and adults seeking help and advice.

Chau Nguyen will be meeting community group leaders from the Chinese and Vietnamese community across the UK to raise awareness of child protection issues and the work of the NSPCC.

Chau will advise NSPCC projects receiving a Chinese or Vietnamese young person or family about cultural customs and traditions. This will help NSPCC staff provide an understanding and suitable service to these communities.

NSPCC head of child protection, awareness and diversity Chris Cloke said: “The appointment of Yasmin and Chau will help the NSPCC to proactively work with different communities who may face additional communication barriers that could leave their children and young people at risk from abuse and neglect.”

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