Nigerian Presidential Candidate Gives Commitment to a Multi-Faith Society

Speaking in London, Nigerian Presidential candidate and Governor of Zamfara State in Nigeria, Sani Yarima today confirmed his support for a multi-faith society and explained that he would not impose Shari’ah law in Nigeria when he becomes President.

Addressing an audience at the Commonwealth Policy Studies Institute, Governor Yarima spoke about how Shari’ah law can work in a multi-faith and democratic society. He said, “Shari’ah Law was not imposed on Zamfara State. It was introduced in response to the passionate wishes of the community, in a state with an overwhelmingly Moslem population. But Christians and non-Moslems in our state have been protected at all stages. Shari’ah does not apply to them, and even when they find themselves in legal dispute with a Moslem, the Christians can insist on the case being tried under civil law”.

Governor Sani Yarima said, “Christians in Zamfara have all the rights of the Moslems in our state. They are free to worship and to preach their religion without let or hindrance.”

Governor Sani Yarima stated, “yes we closed several thousand brothels. But I think this move had the support of every devout Christian in the State. We have outlawed alcohol consumption in public places – just as it is outlawed in many American States. But what people do in the privacy of their homes is not our business. Islam teaches us to respect the privacy of individuals”.

Stressing his commitment to Nigeria as a multi-faith society, Governor Sani Yarima said, “the great religions of Islam and Christianity should have nothing to fear from each other. Both preach peace. Both preach forgiveness. Both preach love of our neighbour. I am determined that in my administration, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, Jews, devout believers of all religions and creeds, will live together not just in passive tolerance, but in a productive, fruitful coexistence of friendship and respect, with equal rights and equal protection under the law. This is not a pipe dream, a politician’s fantasy. We have achieved this in Zamfara State. We can do the same in Nigeria. And maybe what we do there will offer a message of hope to other parts of the world.”

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