Muslim News condemns Pope’s veiled attack against Islam

The Muslim News is calling Pope Benedict to immediately withdraw offensive remarks he made against Islam during a visit to his home country Germany.

Ahmed J Versi, Editor of The Muslim News, said that he found it incredible that the leader of some one billion Catholics around the world could have made such a veiled attack on another religion.

‘The Pope has hurt over a billion Muslims by his Islamophobic remarks. He must apologise and withdraw the insulting remarks,’ Versi said.

During a speech in Cologne, the Pope repeated inflammatory comments made by Christian Emperor Manuel Paleologos II in 14th Century who said that what the Prophet taught was ‘only evil and inhuman’ and commanded his followers to spread Islam ‘by the sword’.

“His approach to Islam and Muslims is not conducive to interfaith dialogue and the respect of other religions. It seems he prefers confrontational style of dialogue with Muslims,” Versi said.

He said that Pope Benedict appeared to be unlike his predecessor by seemingly not being interested in interfaith dialogue. In 2004, he was also remembered for objecting to Turkey’s application to join the EU, fearing it would be a danger to Christianity in Europe.

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