Muslim Music Artist & Activist, Deeyah, Speaks Out Against Honour Killings

Muslim Music Artist & Activist, Deeyah, Speaks Out Against Honour Killings

Norwegian born music producer and activist Deeyah, in association with friends, volunteers and supporters, establishes an online place of remembrance for victims of honour killings, www.memini.CO

Deeyah is a critically acclaimed singer, composer, music producer from Norway and a prize winning human rights activist. Deeyah was launched into stardom as a young child and was later hailed as the ‘Muslim Madonna’.

Born to immigrant parents of Pashtun and Punjabi descent, Deeyah encountered harassment throughout her music career and knows first-hand what it feels like to be threatened for stepping outside cultural ‘norms’.

Having worked within human rights for many years Deeyah is passionate about protesting against killings in the name of ‘honour’ – where young women are murdered for making decisions about their life including choice of marriage partner, education, divorce, clothing and the expression of sexuality:

"Today honour killings are seen across religious communities and are not limited to one group only. The oppression and violence against women in the name of honour, culture or religion is rife around the world in strictly patriarchal societies and communities. Honour killings take over 5000 lives a year. The perpetrators of these honour motivated crimes want all signs of the lives of these young women to be completely wiped out– almost as if these young women never existed in the first place. Through MEMINI, we humbly hope to do our small part in acknowledging the existence of these women and honouring their memory". -Deeyah

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