Join BME Research Panel, today

Join BME Research Panel, today

As you know, most government decisions are evidence-based, and therefore participation in ongoing and future research is the best way for black and ethnic minoirty people to influence policy decisions, and combat social exclusion. Membership of any ethnic group is something that is subjectively meaningful to the person concerned and the terminology used to describe ethnic groups has changed markedly over time (Office of National Statistics, 2003), and that is why I am putting together a Research panel of black and ethnic minority people who would be willing to participate in ongoing and future research.

The BME Research Panel of black and ethnic minority people living in the UK will be comprised of people who might be interested in taking part in ongoing and future web-based research. Participation is entirely voluntary, and you can withdraw from the Panel at anytime. All information will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone else without your prior expressed permission. If, you would like to register please go to:

I am at present conducting research in the UK, looking at the relation between racism and mental health in black or mixed race men of African and African Caribbean descent, and would like participants to help in this venture by completing the on-line questionnaire which can be found at the following link:

Thank you for participating.

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Name: Vernon De Maynard
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