Iraqi Global leaders Foundation launches a conference in Baghdad

Iraqi Global leaders launches with a conference in Baghdad in December 22nd

Iraqi Global Leaders Foundation (IGLF), set up in 2008, is a group that aims to create a foundation along with permanent Iraqi institutions for the advanced of Iraq. They aim to provide the best available knowledge, expertise, practices and ways of rebuilding and developing a powerful Iraq.
The IGLF, who has the backing of the Iraqi Parliament and the support of the Iraqi Government, will be organising their first conference in Baghdad between 22nd to 24th December 2008.
The themes of the conference are to:
• Engage Iraqi scientists, business and social leaders abroad and map their skills and talents.
• Attract and empower these talents and offer incentives to help facilitate their return home and to actively participate in the rebuilding of the country.
• Reconnect and benefit from the contribution of Iraqi expatriates overseas
Iraqi experts will be invited to the conference based on their merit and achievements in their respective fields.
The conference will be chaired by Sheikh Khalid Al-Atia (first Deputy of the Iraqi Parliament), and includes:
– The minister of Immigration & Migration
– The minister of Higher Education
– Head of the Iraqi Investment Commission
– Representatives of Government institutions
– Principals of Iraqi Universities & educational establishment
Iraqi experts have been invited to write and submit papers on the themes of the conference.
Dr.Al-Atia addressing an Iraqi meeting in London stressed, ” We need experienced people to serve the Iraqi people inside and outside Iraq. We are short of experienced Iraqi leaders with a wealth of experience and knowledge, which the Iraqi people can naturally turn to for their knowledge and experience. These are important for modern society and for wealth creation”.
The foundation committee members are; Mr Emad Al-Ebadi, Professor Hassan Al-Nageim, Mr. Saad Al-Saraf, Mr. Raiahen Al-Chalaby, Dr. Munther Al-Khademi, Mr.Jawad Rasool Ali & Dr.Khalid Al-Timimi.

Region: All
Venue: International Iraqi Expert Conference
Venue Address: Baghdad Iraq
Celebs Attending: Iraqi Global leaders from arou
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