I Turned My Mess Into My Message

I Turned My Mess Into My Message

Mounting debts, dysfunctional relationships, disconnection from her family whilst running a struggling business. Despite difficult times this mother was determined to succeed and now inspires others to do the same.

What a mess Dionne Jude’s life was in. Just like the mess some feel they are in with the current economic climate and the daily reports of doom and gloom. At the moment a bright future may seem like a pipe dream for many people in the UK.

Dionne through her self belief, courage and will to succeed is determined to strive for the best life has to offer, whilst empowering others to do the same. By entering the Britain’s Next Top Coach competition she hopes to inspire people to achieve their true potential. Her story serves as an example of a life that once seemed messed up – but she now serves as an example delivering a message to inspire hope, belief and the desire to dream in others.

Being born to teenage parents Dionne was adopted at the age of one; not the best start to life. Thankfully she grew up in a loving home, which encouraged her to achieve her fullest potential in education. Moving to London at 19, to go to university was her first taste of independence, as her grandparents returned to the Caribbean to retire. This served as a period of character-building, as she scrapped through her degree and post-graduate diploma living off student loans, and money from cleaning and retail jobs. A ‘whatever-it-takes’ attitude was borne out of her desire to succeed.

After several 9-5 positions working in education with young people, she decided to set up her own business. ‘I wanted to do something for myself – I set a goal to become a millionaire in five years, but it didn’t happen – yet what I have gained as a result of my journey is worth so much more than what I thought the money would do for me – I have discovered true personal freedom’, says Dionne.

As a coach, trainer and speaker Dionne freely shares what she has learnt from her past and personal struggles, as she refuses to allow them to define her and what she believes she is capable of. Her message is simple and effective ‘Everyone makes mistakes; I call them ‘Missed Takes’, because we always have an opportunity to do things differently next time. The phrase turning my mess into was message, was inspire by Johnny Wimbrey’.

Dionne entered Britain’s Next Top Coach competition to empower people to see their challenges as learning and growth opportunities, and to promote the benefits of personal leadership and development.
Inspiring a nation is a huge job, yet a worthy job when done well.

The UK may not have its own champion of ‘Yes We Can’, just yet – however Dionne sees her ‘Yes I Can’ as a good place to start.

You can vote for Dionne via this webpage http://www.solidfoundations.co.uk/britainsnexttopcoach.html

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