Harrow African History Season 2013 Focuses On African British Civil Rights Since The 1960s

Harrow African History Season 2013 Focuses On African British Civil Rights Since The 1960s

Harrow turns the civil rights focus from the African-American, to the British experience

Harrow African History Season 2013, Sep. 30 – Dec. 10, Focuses On African British Civil Rights Since The 1960s

September 29, 2013

With the recent focus on the American civil rights movement, following the 50th anniversary of the March On Washington, at which Martin Luther King gave his famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, political and community activist Lee Jasper will bring the focus to Britain’s civil rights histories with a presentation at the Harrow African History Season launch.

Jasper, who was former race and policing advisor to London Mayor Ken Livingstone, will give the keynote speech to launch the ‘African British Civil Rights Since The 1960s’ theme on Monday September 30 in the Council Chamber of Harrow Council. The event, which starts at 6.30pm in the presence of Harrow Mayor Cllr Nana Asante, includes a Q&A session, and is open to all communities.

The Season’s programme aims to give the subject of "civil rights", which often defaults to the African-American experience, a British context within which Africans have played a prominent role.

The other events include a ‘surprise’ film screening at Flash Musicals in Edgware on Friday October 4. Film-maker and media lecturer Imruh Bakari will facilitate the post-screening Q&A topic: How far have we come in the quest for civil rights?

Jurisconsult and community advocate Esther Stanford-Xosei will highlight the activism of Claudia Jones and Amy Ashwood Garvey – the former is better known for the introduction of the Notting Hill carnival, and the latter for being an aide and first wife of pan-Africanist icon Marcus Garvey.

Young people get a chance to create and perform a collaborative work on Tuesday October 29 at the Together We Can! event after being inspired by motivational speaker Andrew Muhammad and a facilitated workshop by Music4Causes rapper/songwriter Kimba.

There will also be prizes for young people who memorise and recite a stanza of ‘The African Child’ poem at the last event, a forum meeting which will be preceded by a presentation by community activist Marc Wadsworth on the legacy of Stephen Lawrence.

For more details of the Season’s events: www.harrowbhm.eventbrite.com, harrowbhm@hotmail.com.


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