Figures Clarifying Arrested under Terrorism Act since 2001

The MPS has today 11/8 released figures clarifying the position concerning those persons that have been arrested under Terrorism Act since 2001.

Between September 2001 and 30th June 2006 a total of 1047 people were arrested for offences under the Terrorism Act 2000.

Of these people 174 have been charged with non-Terrorism Act offences, 69 have been detained and dealt with by Her Majesty’s Immigration Service and 158 have been charged with Terrorism Act offences.

Around sixty people are currently awaiting trial on terrorism related offences. These figures obviously do not take into account recent and current arrests.

The reality of current terrorist methodology is of extensive conspiracies, which often require executive action at an early stage because of the risk of mass atrocities. This threat means that we cannot always intercept suspects at the point of attack, as we have done historically when dealing with Republican terrorism, the risk to the public is simply too great. This situation presents evidential challenges. The key factor in our decision-making in these instances is the safety of the public.

It should also be noted that not all suspects who are charged with serious offences, are charged under the Terrorism Act 2000, examples of offences which suspects might be charged with include conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to attempt murder, conspiracy to cause explosions, possession of automatic weaponry and fraud offences.

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