DobryTel: the new mobile provider for Poles who live, travel or work abroad

DobryTel: the new mobile provider for Poles who live, travel or work abroad

One sim card with three numbers, allowing you to make mobile calls at local rates in Poland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. “The Dobrytel SIM was developed in close cooperation with Poles in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom,” says Timo Smit of DobryTel. “We did extensive research within the Polish community in the Netherlands and almost immediately opened an office in Warsaw that now houses our Polish colleagues.”

Simple solution
The simple yet smart solution is contained in DobryTel’s sim card. You can best view it as several SIMs and numberss packed into one SIM.. DobryTel users can call, text and access the internet at attractive local rates in three countries: Poland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (the DobryTel HomeZone).Because a DobryTel user has a Polish number next to his UK number, calling and texting him from Poland is also done at local rates. This way also Polish friends and family save a lot of money – and that is truly unique!

On the DobryTel’s website ( clients can easily customise all settings such as voicemail, usage, top up et cetera.

Smit: “At the moment we exclusively sell online, at our own website and through Facebook. Our online campaign starts December 1, with the trilingual DobryTel website at its centre. There we sell SIM cards, top up and offer online support.”

Using Teleena’s platform, DobryTel operates on the most reliable mobile networks available. Teleena is
the fastest growing Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) and has proven itself as a leading and innovative
provider of

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