Concha y Toro is the most admired wine brand in the world

Concha y Toro is the most admired wine brand in the world

The global wine brand Concha y Toro was awarded this important distinction in a comprehensive survey made by the prestigious British magazine Drinks International. The August edition of the magazine publishes the “World’s Most Admired Wine Brands” ranking, where the Chilean Concha y Toro obtained the top position in the list, being nominated the most number of times and surpassing long-established brands like Torres, Vega Sicilia, Antinori, Penfolds and Jacob’s Creek, to mention just some.

In recent years, Concha y Toro’s position as an industry leader has become established. However, this is the first time it has been recognized and admired by some of the most influential figures in the wine business.

Methodology of the survey

This ranking’s methodology consisted of a survey of 60 industry personalities at the global level, including Masters of Wine, critics, buyers, educators and analysts.

The judges, who were unrelated to any of the brands ranked, voted based on the following criteria: the wines should be of a consistent and improving quality, wines should reflect their region or country of origin, that respond to the needs and tastes of their target market, that have good marketing and are attractive to a wide public.

“The fact that this survey has been conducted by such a highly regarded group of industry experts gives this survey a special relevance and great backing. We are especially proud of this distinction because it touches on our most important mission, which is to produce wines of quality that reflect their origin. We have worked with this orientation for years and it reflects our company’s commitment”, said Eduardo Guilisasti, chief executive officer of Concha y Toro.

The editor of the supplement Graham Holter said: “the Drinks International’s Most Admired Wine Brands project was conceived as an opportunity to salute the producers whose products have done the most to put regions on the map, to popularise wine drinking and to spread best practices throughout the industry.”

Ranking : Top 10 World’s Most Admired Wine Brands

1. Concha y Toro Chile
2. Torres Spain
3. Jacob’s Creek Australia
4. Antinori Italy
5. Penfolds Australia
6. Cloudy Bay New Zealand
7. Chateau Lafite France
8. Vega Sicilia Spain
9. Marqués de Riscal Spain
10. Château Latour France

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