BTWSC Focus On 2 African British Histories For 2013

BTWSC Focus On 2 African British Histories For 2013

NARM role models, community activist Paul Stephenson and his role in the Bristol Bus Boycott, and politician John Archer, London’s first African mayor and agent for Labour-endorsed Asian Communist parliamentary candidate Shapurji Saklatvala, are the subjects of BTWSC and African Histories Revisited’s 2013 presentations.

Sometimes the way we carry on, it’s so easy to think there isn’t much of an African history in Britain! Hence our BTWSC NARM African British Histories presentations and the NARM Paul Stephenson & Bristol Bus Boycott @ 50 And NARM John Archer London’s First African Mayor @ 100 campaigns.

John Archer and Paul Stephenson are NARM role models and the focus of BTWSC/African Histories Revisited’s 2013 African British history presentations. They can be dealt with separately or together in one programme. The presentation can be adapted for youths, adults and inter-generational audiences.

2013 marks 100 years since John Archer became London’s first African mayor in the London borough of Battersea, where he rose to become deputy leader. He also pioneered "black politics" (a precursor to Black Sections) by working with Asian Communist Shapurji Saklatvala. Acher twice acted as his agent, including Saklatvala’s 1922 successful election as MP for North Battersea.

2013 also marks 50 years since Paul Stephenson, then a social worker working in Bristol was moved to successfully led the Bristol Bus Boycott, in order to expose and break the racist employment policy of the Bristol Omnibus Company. This in part led to UK’s first race or equality law – the 1965 Race Relations Act. There is also a Martin Luther King connection.

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