Bottled Zam Zam Water Alert

Birmingham City Council is warning people about the possible dangers of drinking bottled Zam Zam water.

This follows the warning issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) that they have discovered some bottles which contain high levels of arsenic and nitrate.

The demand for Zam Zam water, which originates from Saudi Arabia, and is commonly drunk by Muslims, is likely to increase during the month of Ramadan.

Tests carried out by the FSA, on bottled water labelled as Zam Zam water revealed arsenic at almost three times the permitted level, which could contribute to increasing people’s risk of cancer. In addition, nitrate was found at twice the permitted level. Whilst this is not a problem for most people, it could be for infants because they are more sensitive to nitrate’s effect on the blood’s ability to carry oxygen.

Councillor Neil Eustace, Chair of the Public Protection Committee says “We are advising consumers to be vigilant as traders are targeting shops in Birmingham. If you are concerned about any Zam Zam water you have, then please call 0121 303 9800 for advice and to submit it for testing”.

Dr Naseem, Chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque Trust Ltd stated that “Any food and drink that may be detrimental to health should not consumed as the Quran is very clear towards instructing the believer not eat or drink impure or detrimental products that may adversely affect their health. I would encourage all to work with Environmental Health Officers and urge that unless this water has been bought from a returning journey from Umrah or Hajj that it is not used for consumption”.

He added “The community may be drinking a lot of this water at this time of the year during Ramadan to break their fast and there is no requirement for this especially as this may be placing them and their families at risk”.

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