Black radio station boycotts Black History Month celebrations

Black radio station boycotts Black History Month celebrations

Voice of Africa Radio (VOAR) – the first ever, and only official African community radio station in the UK – has opted out of these month’s black history celebrations; continually outraged at the attempts to condense at least 2000 years of rich African history and culture into a mere 31 days.

Black History Month – which is celebrated every October in the UK – is a time of remembrance; paying tribute to, and educating others about the important people and events in African history.

VOAR based in Newham – one of the largest ethnically diverse boroughs in London – after a rigorous bid, won a 5 year permanent radio licence to broadcast within London from Ofcom in February 2006. The station which was founded in January 2000, broadcasted until April 2003 as an unlicensed radio station, and was estimated to have over 1.5 million online listeners world-wide; confirming the need for a specialised radio station catering for the voice of Africans in the Diaspora.

Space Clottey, Founder and Project Manager commented: “Africans have been apart of British culture for at least 2000 years – but unfortunately this essential part of our heritage has been clearly neglected. Quite frankly, it’s just absurd to try and compress all that rich culture and history into just one month.”

Clottey continued: “If African history was taught in schools in the UK – even as little as once a week – it would be far more productive and educational, as opposed to cramming it into 31 days. Surely when a culture has contributed so much in terms of financial wealth and diversity – we owe it to ourselves to be better educated in knowing what that contribution was.”

VOAR will be hosting an array of specialist shows during the month of October – which they now refer to as ‘Africa Awareness Month’. To find out more about ‘Africa Awareness Month’, tune into 94.3fm or online at

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