Black Music Congress Convenes ‘Talking Copyright: What’s All The Fuss?’ Seminar This Friday

Black Music Congress Convenes

The prevalence of online activity has moved the subject of copyright from the lofty confines of academic and legal circles into the mainstream consciousness, so this seminar is an opportunity for panellists and participants to voice their opinions.

As part of British Black Music Month’s (BBMM) programme, and is a follow-up to last year’s ‘Talking Copyright: Talking Copyright: Reflecting On A 300 Year History & The Music Industry’, Music Congress (BBM/BMC) in association with University Of Westminter’s Commercial Music department, is organising ‘Talking Copyright: What’s The Fuss?’.

It’s a free seminar aimed at opening up the debate on Copyright among a wide constituency, which includes academics; legal eagles; creatives; legal, music and media lecturers and students; consumers; rights owners and users. It is not aimed exclusively at Africans or those in the music industry.

BBM/BMC believes that as recent digital and internet opportunities has increased our engagement with, and potential to infringe, copyright, the subject needs a discussion within a forum that positively allows for different viewpoints.

The panel consists of Kienda Hoji (University Of Westminster Commercial Music BA programme director), Saskia Walzel (Consumer Focus policy advocate), Dr Catherine M Lee (IP Kat contributor), Dr Enrico Bonadio (City University London law lecturer), Emmanuel Legrand (World Copyright Summit conference coordinator), Prof Martin Kretschmer (Centre For Intellectual Property Policy & Management director), Danilo Mandic (University Of Westminster Law School doctoral researcher), Chris Cooke (CMU co-publisher & business editor), and Chair: Kwaku (BBM/BMC founder).

The seminar takes place Friday June 24 from 6.30pm at The Old Cinema in University Of Westminster’s Regent Street campus in central London. It is free, and can be pre-booked by emailing


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