Black Mental Health UK launches Top 30 list for 2012

Black Mental Health UK launches Top 30 list for 2012

Human rights campaigns group Black Mental Health UK (BMH UK) has launched its Top 30 List of the leading lights working in this sector for 2012.

A must read for anyone working in this sector, as well as for those with an interest in civil liberties and social justice, this year’s listing showcases the top individuals and agencies that have done outstanding work in the arena of ethnicity and mental health in the past 12 months.

The work of BMH UK has ensured that concerns over the often unequal treatment and care of people from the UK’s African Caribbean communities, who come in contact with mental health services, continues to remain on the health and social care agenda.

BMH UK believe the numbers of high profile tragic deaths of black men who have come in contact with mental health services, in recent years, is evidence of the widespread reform that is needed, in the way statutory services treat people from this community.

BMH UK’s Top 30 List for 2012 spotlights many unsung agencies, families, individual and politicians who are working to bring about a positive change in this arena.

From grass roots activist to senior government figures, BMH UK’s Top 30 List for 2012 shines a spotlight on the work that many people throughout this year have done to bring about positive change in this sector.

Matilda MacAttram director of Black Mental Health UK said: ‘This is the second year we have published BMH UK’s Top 30 List, which showcases the many unsung heroes, who often at great personal expense, are making a positive impact in an arena where even the most basic human rights of many vulnerable people are often overridden with tragic consequences.’

‘While the resistance by vested interests in this sector can make this a challenging arena to work in, the outstanding achievements of those who have made BMH UK’s Top 30 List for 2012 serves as an inspiration of what is being achieved by the most dedicated and inspiring professionals and activists across this sector.
We want people to read this list and be inspired to achieve even more in 2013.’


Read BMH UK’s Top 30 List for 2012 here:
Politics and public policy
1. Lord Herman Ouseley – the most senior political figure from the community.
2. Norman Lamb MP – Minister of State for Health.
3. Matilda MacAttram – Black Mental Health UK.
4. Lesley Thomas – barrister.
5. Dr Dele Olajide – consultant psychiatrist.
6. Charlie Williams – Birmingham Strong Justice For All .
7. Kedisha Burrell and family -Justice for Kingsley Burrell-Brown.
8. Sam Rigg David &Marcia Rigg – Sean Rigg Justice and Change.
9. Sheila & Rupert Sylvester, Roger’s parents, and Bernard Roderick, his brother – Roger Sylvester Justice Campaign.
10. Tippa Naptali – Justice for Mikey Powell Campaign.
11. Merlin Emmanuel, Campaign for Justice.
12. Trudy Simpson – The Voice Newspaper.
13. Kurt Barlin – BBC.
14. Helen Bart – BBC.
15. Colleen Harris – BBC.
16. Dotun Adebayo – BBC.
17. Stephen Ogongo – Africa News.
18. Henry Bonsu – Vox Africa.
19. Lenny T – BBC 3 Counties Radio.
20. Amina Taylor – Press TV.
21. Omowale Kwaw and Olatunji Heru – Voice of Africa Radio.
Service users
22. Angella Corrina, poet and musician.
23. Jeremy Grant, writer and poet.
24. Archdeacon Daniel Kajumba, CMEAC (Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns).
25. Bishop Llewellyn Grayham, New Testament Church of God.
26. Dr Rev McCarty, Church of England.
Unions & Community
27. Alicia Spence, ACCI (African Caribbean Community Initiative)
28. Barbara Lewis, Amaani Tallawah
29. Aaron Kiely, NUS Black Students
30. Simon Wolley & Francine Fernandez , OBV (Operation Black Vote)

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