Best Wedding Planners, By Global Standards, Now In India

Global events and weddings specialist Anita Patel has relocated to India for the launch of her company Tania-Tapel’s international office in Mumbai.

It means that the range of innovative and high level services her company has developed, earning accolades across the UK and beyond, is now available to companies and individuals across the sub continent.

Ms Patel, who formed her company more than a decade ago, will personally oversee the development of Tania-Tapel Events (India) Private Limited which she expects to set a precedence in India to echo the success she has enjoyed throughout the UK and beyond through the delivery of high class and superbly managed events.

Working with exclusive resorts around the country and with hotel groups such as the Taj, Marriott’s and Four Seasons in Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan, Goa and Chandigarh all offering her flexibility due to her incredible reputation around the world means clients will gain substantial benefits.

Along with consistent praise and recommendations from inside and outside the corporate events industry, Tania-Tapel have been voted the UK’s best wedding planners for 2008. The company’s recent move into an exclusive stately home in the UK – the charming 18th century Kelmarsh Hall – is part of its overall strategy to oversee events in beautiful venues supported by professional, highly trained staff.

Ms Patel brings with her in-depth logistical expertise, knowledge, creativity and an abundance of enthusiasm for the Indian and UAE marketplace which she will deliver from the Mumbai office. A regular on TV, BBC radio and in print media, she is recognised as a leading expert in her field.

Ms Patel commented that the vision of the company is “To be the finest event management company in Asia and in our target markets, taking exceptional pride in the delivery of the highest standards. Having a highly motivated and skilled team which is able to facilitate the client with their foresight, meticulous planning, innovative and inspirational ideas – a friendly and efficient service to create successful working relationships with clients to enhance the overall experience of the client and their guests.”

Without a doubt this is going to be a phenomenal year for the Tania-Tapel team and those fortunate enough to experience a Tania-Tapel event will be amazed at the seamless approach, the organization levels and the long term results gained from their insight of event planning.

For further information contact Anita Patel at Tania-Tapel Events (India) Private Limited on +91 (0)9930 591 314

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