Author launches international forum on colourism

Author launches international forum on colourism

A new international forum on colourism has been launched to promote global dialogue on the issue.

Layers of Blackness: Colourism in the African Diaspora, which was published in September last year by journalist and human rights activist Deborah Gabriel, is the first book by a UK author to take an in-depth look at colourism in the global African community. The book traces the evolution of colourism as a legacy of African enslavement and colonisation and maintains that colourism is part of a wider system of white supremacy.

Ms Gabriel said: “I have received positive feedback on the book and have been encouraged to visit the USA, the Caribbean and the African continent to bring the book to a wider audience. I think that launching the forum will encourage global dialogue on this issue, which is important in terms of raising greater awareness.”

The author added that higher education institutions should be using the book as resource material for any courses that focus on race: “In the 21st century when in many societies skin colour can determine educational and economic outcomes, there can be no proper examination on the impact of race and identity without the inclusion of colourism,” she said.

Ms Gabriel, who is is due to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education in April is currently developing a lecture on colourism which will be launched in March. The new forum can be accessed at

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