Al-Khair ‘Event of Excellence’


The Al-Khair Foundation, one of the UK’s foremost community enhancement foundations, celebrates its fifth anniversary this year.

The Al-Khair Foundation was started by Imam Qasim Ahmad and since its inauguration in 2003, the Foundation has grown to become an active player in the areas of education, social and community welfare, media and charity. The Foundation has a flagship school in Croydon (Al-Khair Primary & Secondary School) where the emphasis is on creating a workable balance between religious and secular education and where the pupils benefit from this unique philosophy and a full syllabus. On the charitable front, the Al-Khair Foundation has become a player on the international stage where focussed relief is delivered as needed with the longer term infrastructure rebuilding following close behind. In this regard, the Foundation has often been amongst the first on the scene in areas ranging from Dafur in Sudan to Kashmir in India and Pakistan. The Foundation is now also widely consulted on local and national community issues affecting Muslims and is at the forefront of organising and delivering interfaith initiatives.

To celebrate this meteoric rise and to raise awareness, the Al-Khair Foundation is hosting a series of events nationwide with the flagship event destined for 27th July at the Royal Concert Hall is Glasgow. Scotland has been chosen because of the special contribution from Muslims there and also because the Foundation has a substantial presence in Glasgow. The Foundation’s Event of Excellence will inform, educate and entertain the audience and will feature keynote speakers (Yvonne Ridley and Imam Abdul Jalil Sajid), celebrities from the world of entertainment (Jeff Mirza), Nasheed artists and prominent political personalities (Lord Sheikh). An international dimension will be added by Shaikh Qari Yasir Abdul Basit Abdus Samad (a world famous recitor of the Quran from Egypt) and Abu Ameenah Bilal Philip (a leading scholar of Islam from Qatar). In addition, awards will also be presented to recognise achievements and promote role models.

Under the stewardship of Imam Qasim Ahmad, the Al-Khair Foundation has now achieved a critical mass to enable it to become representative for not only the Muslim community, but the wider community at large, and is now poised to undertake the second phase of it long-term development in order to strive for positive change in an international and challenging environment.

Region: All
Venue: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
Venue Address: 2 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow
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Name: Angie Bennett
Phone: 0141 243 2848