A night with President Musharraf

A night with President Musharraf

Sonia Ahmed, President of Miss Pakistan World in a news interview with the Press Trust of India spoke about her meeting with President Musharraf

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf’s recent ordeals have just won him more fans – this time pretty ones settled abroad. The founder president of Miss Pakistan World, a beauty pageant for non-resident Pakistanis, has devoted a whole post on her blog – A night with (former) President Musharraf’ – to the former military ruler after getting an audience with him in Washington DC.

“My heart was racing non-stop when I landed in Washington DC. As Miss Pakistan World Ayesha Gilani and myself reached The Westin Hotel in Arlington DC, we both had butterflies in our stomachs,” wrote Sonia Ahmed.

“We looked around and saw around 10 men protesting against President Musharraf’s arrival. We stopped our car and made sure that they saw us and booed them as loud as we could… They kept on saying ‘Go Go Musharraf’, and we kept on saying, ‘We love Musharraf’,” she wrote.

Ahmed wrote that Ayesha and she “froze” when they saw Musharraf. “He was just a foot away from me and we grabbed that opportunity and both of us ran up to him and shook his hand as much as we could.”

“Time froze and all I remember was marching behind him, imagining him to be the Pied Piper. His scent, his height, his tanned skin, his aura, his broad shoulders, his smile, and his twinkling eyes, made me… go week in the knees.”

“I touched him… I can’t still believe that the man I dreamt of meeting was with me. The dinner began, the speeches were amazing and then finally in the end I got an opportunity to meet him, face to face, shoulder to shoulder and got more pictures taken. That night is a night that I will never forget in life.”

“This was a dream come true and Allah answered my prayers. I met the most incredible man in the world, a man worthy of great honour and respect.”

“I love you President Musharraf and will always do!”

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