Waterloo Road Star Transforms into Glamorous Legend Hunter!

Waterloo Road Star Transforms into Glamorous Legend Hunter!

The multi-talented actress, singer and songwriter Karen David kicks off 2011 with an action-packed role in a brand new sitcom for CBBC this month, before the second half of series six of Waterloo Road begins in February.

Best known in the UK for her role as Ms. Cesca Montoya in BBC’s Waterloo Road, Karen will star in CBBC children’s comedy series Pixelface, from the makers of Bafta-nominated Sorry I’ve Got No Head.

Set in the imagined world inside a games console, Pixelface takes a candid look at the lives of stereotypical computer game characters. Fans will get to see the much-loved Karen David switch from the classroom to the video-game world for the 26 part show.

It sees Karen play the role of a glamorous legend hunter known as Alexia Alderton, alongside a range of computer characters from different gaming genres including a questing elf, a zombie battling waitress, a marsupial hybrid who collects apples, a space marine, and an incredibly upbeat dance star.

The story follows the characters’ daily lives and their reactions when their console is invaded by the likes of an evil bug or a Premier League football team.

Talking about her new role, Karen David, said: “This was a completely new acting project for me compared with the role I play in Waterloo Road. While Waterloo Road deals with real-life social issues, Pixelface is at the other end of the spectrum. It’s pure comedy at its best, a lot more light-hearted, and as you can imagine, it was a lot of fun to get into character and play the very fearless and feisty, Alexia. If I was a video game character, I’d definitely want to be her!”

Viewers can find the same characters starring in an arcade suite of six compelling games, with corresponding graphics and sound bites from the show on the CBBC website.

Karen’s new comedy series, Pixelface, produced by Graham Norton’s So Television, will air on CBBC every Wednesday at 5:45pm and repeat on Saturdays at 12:30pm. The first episode debuted on Wednesday 19th January and will be repeated on Saturday 22nd January.

BBC 1’s primetime drama, Waterloo Road also sees Karen’s character, Cesca Montoya in an explosive and controversial storyline, when the series returns on February 2nd at 8pm.

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