The Rising Star Of British TV Reflects The Rising Star Of The East

The Rising Star Of British TV Reflects The Rising Star Of The East

The Business Channel, which launched successfully on Monday 20 November, begins a two part series, China Rises, this week.

This big budget international co-production examines the economic boom currently underway in China, which has lifted some 200 million people out of grinding poverty over the past few years.

The first episode revolves around 2 typical entrepreneurs, one a motorcycle manufacturer and the other an internet tycoon, who has launched the Chinese version of E-bay and has become incredibly successful. A cheap labour market, recruited from the countryside has enabled a number of industries to crush their American and European rivals (particularly in textiles) but the crazy development has come at a high environmental price and has caused huge tensions in the countryside as the government continues a land-grab policy, forcing farmers off their land to make way for factories. The pollution caused by these new unregulated industries has poisoned the land and wiped out all fish life in many of China’s rivers.

The second film also looks at Chinese food production and the working philosophy of the new Chinese generation and the paradox of naked capitalism and a repressive, communist system. Filmed all over China with permissions from the Chinese department of culture, the film provides a rarely seen insight into the rapidly developing provinces and the activities of the local entrepreneurs. We also get an insight into the booming industry in fake goods and the anti-piracy teams in action.

‘China Rises’ is scheduled to run through the week at various times commencing 18.00 on 6th December on The Business Channel, with a special double bill on Saturday 9th December, when both episodes can be seen one after the other.

Wed 6th 18:00, 20.00 and 22.30
Fri 8th 10.00, 14.00 and 23.00
Sat 9th Ep 1 2200, Ep 2 2300

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