The Original Asian Lads Mag

The Original Asian Lads Mag

The Original Online Asian Lads’ Mag

This month sees the launch of; the UK’s first Asian Lads’ Magazine.
Besharam is to be ‘shameless’: delivering Asian males aged 16-24 with an online platform to act just that.

Whilst following mainstream media stories, unveils sections on ‘Sports’, ‘News’,’Girls’ (where less is undeniably more), ‘Features’ (opinions on music to motors) and ‘Interactive'(residence of the local agony aunt) – all with a Desi twist of course.

Covering Brit beauties to Besharam babes like Bipasha Basu, editorial contributions from readers are welcome, whether via posting comments or participating in’s Forum. So,disclose the dirty or don’t, most definitely intends to.

“I think there is definitely a voice out there which we haven’t heard yet for whatever reason. Asian media tends to give a PR version of events. We’re here to tell it like it is. The impending closure of the BBC Asian Network makes what we are doing even more relevant” says founder Nosheen Aslam.

Achieving 100 hits a day, and growing, is an accessible and innovative website. Its unique, informed and proverbial quips aim to give an identity to those who believe it’s a travesty that the modern Asian man is supposedly hair gel personified, or a walking talking business degree.

In’s vision, the time has come to celebrate a new culture of degradation. To
satisfy the needs of the fast growing generation who drink, smoke, do drugs, party hard and take pictures of it all for Facebook.

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