TA Magazine Launches 2nd Issue

TA Magazine Launches 2nd Issue

After the successful launch of TeenAsia last month, the magazine is back in full swing with its second instalment. The free British Asian publication aimed at a 16 – 24 London based audience launched online over the weekend while distribution is to commence the week beginning Monday 17th December 2007.

With a revamped team, the December issue of TeenAsia has all the usual ‘spice’ of any lifestyle magazine alongside some fresh new content that would be both entertaining and informative for the target audience.

Armed with top beauty tips, music pages and the latest hot gossip and news, the second issue of TeenAsia is as vibrant as ever. New additions include the sports pages, an easy-to-follow food guide and a section entitled ‘boyz toyz,’ which reviews all the latest gadgets. TeenAsia has also introduced a section named ‘hot topics’ that aims to provide an accessible platform for all youth to express their opinions alongside issues that they come across in their daily lives. This month in hot topics there is an article on the debate of religion verses morality as well as a piece on the social networking giants Facebook amongst others. The introduction of puzzle pages and a resident agony aunt, ‘auntyjee,’ also adds to the colourful new format of the magazine.

In order to focus on being ‘the students’ publication, TeenAsia has tried to stay away from numerous celebrity interviews that can be found in any magazine. Instead, the copy will focus on bringing readers two big celebrity interviews every month. This month’s interviews are Jay Makwana and Imran Khan. Jay Makwana is a very successful Michael Jackson impersonator who is now branching out with his own material. Imran Khan who is also this month’s cover-boy, is the talented newcomer on the Asian Music scene currently creating waves with his hit song ‘ni nachle.’ TeenAsia hopes to launch a video podcast service of interviews on the website www.teenasia.co.uk in the very near future.

December ironically has been the month of all things new. This month’s TeenAsia also includes the launch of the Asian Music Awards, the launch of the new radio frequency Westside 89.6 FM and all the gossip from the TeenAsia launch party which was held at London’s CC Club on 31st October 2007.

TeenAsia is a magazine produced by the students for the students with the aim of creating a voice that is collectively loud enough to make a noise. It is with much hard work, dedication and determination that this magazine runs – not to mention advertising.

For further information log on to www.teenasia.co.uk

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