Stars join ‘Free Tibet ‘ campaign

Stars join

Omar Simon and Zaarah Abrahams joins campaign to Free Tibet

Pop soul singer Omar Simon and Dancing on Ice star Zaarah Abrahams have teamed up with Jeremy Irons, Joanna Lumley and Nicky Clarke for a star-studded effort to shine a spotlight on the ongoing campaign to ‘Free Tibet.’ The celebrities were photographed by the world renowned photographer, Clive Arrowsmith, making the signature ‘T is for Tibet’ hand signal.

“So much of my music talks about human suffering and human rights in one form or another. When I saw what was happening in Tibet and to the Tibetan people, it touched me deeply. It’s right for me to lend a hand to their cause. Everyone should.” Omar Simon

“This is our world and we need to take responsibility for what’s going on in it. Generations of people have suffered in Tibet and if we don’t do something to help. Generations more will suffer.” Zaarah Abrahams

About the Free Tibet campaign
Tibet was invaded and occupied by Chinese communist troops almost 60 years ago. Since then the unique culture, religion and basic human rights in Tibet have been rapidly eroded.
In March 2008, thousands of ordinary Tibetans made a courageous stand for freedom, taking to the streets in protest. The Chinese government’s response was to throw all journalists and foreigners out of Tibet and bring in tens of thousands of troops to quash all demonstration and hide the truth about Tibet from the critical eyes of the world. China’s hosting of the Olympics Games attempts to convey the impression that everything is harmonious within it borders. In fact they are doing everything in their power to silence dissent during the Games.

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