Shahid Azeem stars Millionaire’s Mission on Channel 4

Shahid Azeem stars Millionaire

Guildford-based top entrepreneur Shahid Azeem is taking part in the new four-part series Millionaire’s Mission on Channel together with seven other successful British business leaders. They have been challenged by leading development agency World Vision to improve the living standards of a remote Ugandan farming community.

With a combined fortune of over £600 million, and expertise ranging from construction to marketing, they needed to use their business skills to tackle the seemingly intractable issue of poverty. And to help get their ideas off the ground, the entrepreneurs each donated £15,000 to a joint fund.

“I am so glad that I was part of this project as it showed not only us, but everybody who is watching the program, how different life in Uganda is,” says Shahid Azeem. “It was very interesting, but sometimes also very hard to work in such a high-profile team. All of us are used to be the boss and for some people working in an actual team where everybody is equal proofed to be a little bit difficult.”

The eight millionaires’ exchanged five-star lifestyles for three weeks living in a makeshift camp without running water or electricity. At least all of them saved the gym fees for those three weeks as the daily walk for water proved to be quite a daily challenge.

In a region so poor the average daily wage is just 50 pence, the entrepreneurs needed to be ruled by their heads – not just their hearts – to succeed. And they had to get used to the idea that it’s not quite business as usual so far from home.

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