Rhoda Wilson Nominated for the BEFFTA Television Presenter of the Year Award

Rhoda Wilson Nominated for the BEFFTA Television Presenter of the Year Award

Confident, sultry and attractive; words used to describe the popular television presenter Rhoda Wilson who started The Rhoda Wilson show in 2005 has gained critical acclaim across the digital television ever since.

So it is no surprise that this magnificent television host has been nominated for a BEFFTA Television Presenter of the Year Award. With a wide mix of subject matter, Rhoda selects her guests with the central theme of Inspiration at the helm. The 30 minute show consists of interviews based on the lives of inspirational and growing talent across the UK.

A serial networker and social advocate; Rhoda is clear about her goals for this show- “I believe I can make a difference because there is a need in the market and I have incredible passion and I am committed to making this happen.” (Rhoda Wilson). This passion is reflected by her founding the African and Caribbean Women’s Achievement and Leadership Foundation in 2007, another example of the formidable nature of Rhoda’s talents.

By getting the right help through asking Rhoda Wilson is definitely reaching new heights. People have started to label her the “British Oprah Winfrey”, and though this is flattering Rhoda wants to create her own unique and individual brand. Rhoda is also working on a number of documentaries and short films for festivals around the world. Rhoda would like her production company to produce amazing life changing productions, touching people profoundly either by watching the show or working with her. With so much to look forward to in the future Rhoda Wilson is set to achieve great things. With 2009 set to be an exciting year in the world of Ms Wilson get ready to see more success from this phenomenal woman on “The Rhoda Wilson Show”.

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