Rhoda Wilson meets Robert Alleyne, Founder of the “Dog Owner’s Club”

Rhoda Wilson meets Robert Alleyne, Founder of the "Dog Owner

In this episode Rhoda Wilson meets highly acclaimed Dog Behavioural expert Robert Alleyne, most notably seen training canines on BBC3’s popular “Dog Borstal” which further established his name as a renowned specialist in this field.

In this show Rhoda and Robert talk about the growing interest in Dog training and behavioural issues, along with his fascinating life journey whilst developing his passion in canines.

Robert Alleyne is one of a ‘new breed’ of experts in the field of working with dogs and their owners. Realizing that training and behavioural problems can be two entirely separate issues, he has dedicated himself to perfecting his considerable skills in dealing with both, rather than hoping that one will always cure the other. After analysing and re-analysing both his own methods, and those of others, amateur and professional, he has devised a system that encourages the owner and dog to work together.

Robert Alleyne’s lifetime devotion to animals has enabled him to become a caring and successful counsellor. This is all the more remarkable when one discovers that his family originated in Guyana, where the culture concerning animals is very different to that of England, where he was born. The Guyanese as a nation, like many other countries, often regard dogs as little more than ‘mobile dustbins’ who live permanently in ‘the yard’. They are rarely if ever stroked or even interacted with. Many do not even have names.

When his parents came to England, this attitude came with them, and Robert remembers being warned against touching dogs, or even getting too near to them. Despite this Robert’s love of animals grew with him and he has become sought after figure in his field; achieving amazing results with his canine clients.

In 2000 Robert’s defining book on training and behaviour – The Trouble-Free Dog was published and he has been going from strength to strength since then. Watch this fascinating interview on Friday 24th October, 10pm BEN TV.

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