Rhoda Wilson meets Abenaa Pokuaa, founder of the new and growing fashion brand Ohema Ohene.

Rhoda Wilson meets Abenaa Pokuaa, founder of the new and growing fashion brand Ohema Ohene.

Ohema Ohene is a new British Boutique fashion brand based in London. The name means “Queen and King” in Twi, a Ghanaian dialect; expressing Abenaa’s pride in her Ghanaian heritage and her love for all things royal and fabulous.

After successfully completing a degree in “fashion design technology” at the London College of Fashion, Abenaa was pursue a successful career in the fashion industry. Upon returning from the Far East where she worked as a designer for a fashion house she then took a short trip to Ghana. When she returned from that she she was able to finalise the concept of her brand. Ohema Ohene produces beautiful, high quality garments which reflect the multicultural population of London. The rich batik prints are sourced directly from Ghana and consist the authentic traditional motifs which represent Ghana’s culture.

This brand has been running since November 2008 and is truly a green shot born out of the recession. Abenaa saw that there was a gap in the market and decided to take the plunge and start up the Ohema Ohene label. Despite its difficulties, not having a steady source of income or financial backing, she has worked any and every job to help pay for collections, shows, operational costs and mini runs of production. The brand has been run on a shoe string but has still managed to strive forward to success.

The company is still very young and new to the market, but it has made some great achievements. Most recently shortlisted for the 02X Young entrepreneur of the year awards, featured in Pride magazine, The Metro, Black Hair Magazine and various other magazines and news papers.

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