Ramadan with Prime TV

Ramadan with Prime TV

Prime TV wishes its viewers Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan with Prime TV

Prime TV, conveys the meaning of Ramadan and its significant through its programming. The programmes include a variety of Ramadan Special cooking programmes and lectures of eminent religious scholars.

Special features this month include our mid day transmission for housewives with dramas and a pre Iftar recipe show.

Sehri Transmission: 02:00- 05:00

1. Sehat Aik Naimat
2. Adab – e- Zindagi
3. Qassas ul Ambia
4. Irfan ul Quran

Iftar Transmission: 16:30 – 21:00

1. Islami Khandan
2. Asma Husna
3. Ifttar Mazedar
4. Deen o Danish
5. Ramazan Ki Fazeelat.

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